For Medical Professionals Whose Patients Need Help with Injury Cases...

Get Your Patient the Legal Help They Deserve

While you're helping your patient heal, trust Hardy Wolf & Downing to:

  • Provide top tier representation with the best personal injury lawyers in Maine
  • Hold insurance companies accountable
  • Fight for a timely and efficient resolution with your patient's best interests in mind
  • Aim for sufficient settlements to cover medical fees and then some

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Why and How to Refer an Injured Patient

The law offices of Hardy, Wolf, & Downing welcomes referrals from doctors and other healthcare professionals. Our two professions are working towards the same goal—to help injured Mainers get back on their feet. You do the hard work helping patients to heal physically and emotionally. We at Hardy Wolf and Downing have great admiration for the work you do. 

After helping thousands of injured Mainers recover from their injuries, we have learned that most injury victims improve as much from their efforts (with expert guidance from professionals like you) as from any pill or device.

We share a common goal, but with different means. While you help patients heal, we are fighting the insurance company to get them the best result possible.

We're asking you to refer patients who need representation to us for these reasons:

Someone with a serious or chronic injury without a competent specialized attorney will get rolled over by the insurance companies. We've seen that sad tale hundreds of times.
We are in the very top tier of personal injury lawyers in Maine. One of our partners— Chris Lewis — is President of the Maine Trials Lawyers Association. He was selected to lead this group by his fellow trial lawyers. Another partner — Mike Welch — was President of the MTLA two years ago.
We will make an effort within our Bar Rules to see that every medical bill is appropriately resolved before disbursing settlement or verdict checks.
We will fight hard to get your patient's case done quickly and well. We are specialists—this work is all we do.
Your patient will receive, in virtually all cases, more money net after medical bills and fees than by going about it alone.

For these reasons, we get a lot of referrals from healthcare professionals and other lawyers, as well as satisfied former clients. If we can help one of your patients, make the referral. It will be good for your conscience and your business. If you have questions about this or other matters, please call us or fill out the form above. 

Such consultations are free and create no obligation.              We are here to help.